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Ronald Gordon Easton

M, #11076, b. 1911, d. 1980


Family: Enid Mildred Holmes (b. about 1911, d. before 2011)


  • born: 1911; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Marriage: 1933; Enid Mildred Holmes; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: 1980; Queensland, AustraliaG

Thelma Jessie Easton

F, #11077, b. 1913, d. before 2013



  • born: 1913; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: Before 2013; (Australia)G

George Joseph Phie

M, #11078, b. about 1893, d. before 1993

Family: Daisy Beatrice Bagot (b. 1893, d. 1936)


  • born: About 1893; (Australia)G
  • Marriage: 1915; Daisy Beatrice Bagot; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: Before 1993; (Australia)G??? maybe 1949
    1949/C4717 George Joseph Phie Walter Dixon Sarah Anne McNamara

William Batchelor

M, #11079, b. after 1920, d. 2 November 1927



  • born: After 1920; (Australia)G
  • Death: 2 November 1927; Queensland, AustraliaG

Fredrick Monro

M, #11080, b. about 1902, d. before 2002

Family: Ivy Ethel Blakeney (b. 1902, d. 9 January 1982)


  • born: About 1902; (Australia)G
  • Marriage: 1928; Ivy Ethel Blakeney; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: Before 2002; (Australia)G

Hilda Edith Blakeney

F, #11081, b. 1908, d. 28 November 1966


Family: George Henry Easterbrook (b. 1902, d. 1949)


  • Name:
  • born: 1908; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Marriage: 1927; George Henry Easterbrook; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • electoral roll: 1959; Blackheath College, Charters Towers, Queensland, AustraliaG; performing home duties
  • Death: 28 November 1966; Queensland, AustraliaG

George Henry Easterbrook

M, #11082, b. 1902, d. 1949

Family: Hilda Edith Blakeney (b. 1908, d. 28 November 1966)


  • born: 1902; Queensland, AustraliaG; to Harry Diplock and Lydia Elizabeth Bodman
  • Marriage: 1927; Hilda Edith Blakeney; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: 1949; Queensland, AustraliaG

Thomas Hull

M, #11083, b. 1903, d. 15 June 1982

Family: Hilda Beryl Bragg (b. 1 August 1912, d. 19 December 1992)


  • born: 1903; (Australia)G
  • Marriage: 17 January 1933; Hilda Beryl Bragg; St John's Church of England, Cairns, Queensland, AustraliaG; WEDDING
    St. John's Church of England, Cairns, was the scene, of an interesting and pretty wedding at 3 p.m. on Tues- day, January 17. when Beryl (elder daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Bragg, of Mulgrave-street Cairns) was united in matrimony to Thomas (youngest son of the late Mr. and Mrs Wm. Hull, New Farm, Brisbane). The charming fair-haired bride entered the church on the arm of her father, to the strains of "The Voice that Breath- ed o'er Eden," delightfully rendered by Miss M. Shepherd. Her beautiful gown and softly falling train of rich parchment satin, modelled on classical lines, with dainty puffed sleeves of exquisite chantilly lace, together with a delicately hand-embroidered tulle veil (kindly lent by Mrs. J. Burns) completed a most charming picture, to which her bridesmaid, Miss Alice Remilton, and two little flower girls, added a gay colorful contrast. Miss Remilton was daintily frocked in pale blue organdi, whilst the little flower girls, Misses Betty Bragg and Shirley Cooke (sister and cousin of the bride) wore sweet and dainty little period frocks of apricot and eau-de-nil or- ganai, respectively. The duties of best man were capably carried out by Mr. G. Hull (brother of the bridegroom). During the signing of the register, "My Prayer" was very sweetly sung by Mrs. S. Wright. After the ceremony a delectable wedding repast was served at the residence of the bride's parents, Mrs. Bragg receiving her guests in a frock of floral mariette richly patterned in autumn tonings, with which she wore a smart leghorn hat. The duties of chairman were in the very capable hands of Mr. F. G. Cooke, the usual toasts being duly proposed and responded to with zest. Mr. and Mrs., Hull were the re- cipients of many valuable and sub- stantial wedding presents. The bride- groom's gift to the bride was a hand some gold wristlet watch, and to her bridegroom Mrs. Hull presented a solid gold signet ring. The brides- maid received a beautiful string of finely cut rock crystals, whilst the two little flower , maids were each de- lighted with a wee gold signet ring. Mr. and Mrs. Hull later left by the Canberra on a honeymoon tour of the Southern States. Mrs. Hull travelling in an exceedingly smart ensemble of cream crinkled Canton with hat and shoes en suite.
  • Death: 15 June 1982; Cairns, Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Burial: 17 June 1982; Martyn Street Cemetery, Manunda, Cairns, Queensland, AustraliaG; Section LP, Row P28, Site 43

Palma Desley Ricket

F, #11084, b. after 1929, d. 1933



  • born: After 1929; (Australia)G
  • Death: 1933; Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaG

Charles Victor Taylor

M, #11086, b. about 1908, d. before 2008

Family: Phyllis Elinor Easton (b. 1908, d. before 2008)


  • born: About 1908; (Australia)G
  • Marriage: 1930; Phyllis Elinor Easton; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: Before 2008; (Australia)G

Enid Mildred Holmes

F, #11087, b. about 1911, d. before 2011

Family: Ronald Gordon Easton (b. 1911, d. 1980)


  • Name:
  • born: About 1911; (Australia)G
  • Marriage: 1933; Ronald Gordon Easton; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: Before 2011; (Australia)G

Ellen McBride

F, #11089, b. about 1904, d. before 2004

Family: Neville Francis Lever (b. 12 June 1904, d. 16 July 1986)


  • Name:
  • born: About 1904; (Australia)G
  • Marriage: 1927; Neville Francis Lever; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: Before 2004; (Australia)G

William Dawson McKinnon

M, #11093, b. before 1931, d. 1931



  • born: Before 1931; (Australia)G
  • Death: 1931; Queensland, AustraliaG

Beverley Mayes

M, #11094, b. 20 March 1939, d. before 15 September 2014



  • born: 20 March 1939; Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: Before 15 September 2014

George MacGregor

M, #11095, b. about 1895, d. before 1995

Family: Elizabeth Trembath (b. 1895, d. before 1994)


  • born: About 1895; (Australia)G
  • Marriage: 1916; Elizabeth Trembath; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: Before 1995; (Australia)G

Lionel Phie

M, #11096, b. before 1918, d. 1918



  • born: Before 1918; (Australia)G
  • Death: 1918; Queensland, AustraliaG

Jean Florence Phie

F, #11097, b. before 1920, d. 1920



  • born: Before 1920; (Australia)G
  • Death: 1920; Queensland, AustraliaG

John Leslie Hart

M, #11098, b. about 1900, d. 1983

Family: Emma Florence Violet Prideaux (b. 21 November 1899, d. 19 August 1981)


  • born: About 1900; (Australia)G; to John Paul Hart and Annie Schmitzerling ??? there were two this one in 1905 born Warwick, and to Hurtle John Hart and Amy Jorgensen 13 Nov 1909 (born Clifton) (FMP 6 Jun 2016).
  • Marriage: 21 April 1924; Emma Florence Violet Prideaux; Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaG
  • electoral roll: 1934; Emma Florence Violet Prideaux; 42 Railway Avenue, Townsville, Queensland, AustraliaG; he was a painter she was performing home duties
  • Death: 1983; Queensland, AustraliaG

Gladys Irelean Trembath

F, #11099, b. 4 August 1912, d. 9 February 1915



  • born: 4 August 1912; Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Death: 9 February 1915; Charters Towers, Queensland, AustraliaG; aged 2 1/2 years
  • Burial: After 10 February 1915; Charters Towers Cemetery, Charters Towers, Queensland, AustraliaG

William John Trembath

M, #11100, b. 21 November 1910, d. 22 July 1975


Family: Elizabeth May Winter (b. 30 June 1914, d. 27 April 2005)


  • born: 21 November 1910; Charters Towers, Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Marriage: 9 April 1938; Elizabeth May Winter; Brisbane, Queensland, AustraliaG
  • Milit-Beg (couple): Before 1975; CHECK???
    Trembath, William John
    Service Number: 43948
    Place Of Birth: CHARTERS TOWERS, QLD
    Place Of Enlistment: BRISBANE, QLD
  • Death: 22 July 1975; Mammoth Mine Road, Gunpowder, Queensland, AustraliaG